Computer Restore Disks

May 14, 2009

Help, where’s my disks?  I’ve helped many friends and family members fix computer problems.  Sometimes the “best” or only way to fix it is to re-install everything.  The most time consuming thing is finding and backing up all their photos, music, and documents.  But, usually the biggest hurdle is locating their original software CD’s.  Depending on the brand of computer, we need the “restore” disks, install disks, program disks, or in some cases the Windows CD.

With many programs, including Windows, there is a special code that is needed to use the install disks.  Don’t EVER toss away these codes!  Whenever you buy a new computer keep all the disks, manuals, codes, and your receipts in one place.  I prefer a small clear plastic “shoebox”.  This is usually a perfect fit for CD’s and small manuals.  Of course put the shoebox in a place you can easily find.  Also don’t forget to label it (“Tom’s computer” or “Kid’s computer”).  Keep separate boxes (even different colors) for different computers.