Desktop Icons

I like having an icon on my desktop for “Computer”.  If your current Desktop is missing the Computer icon it’s an easy fix.

Windows tip: 
1.  In Vista right click on your Desktop.
2.  Click on Personalize
3.  Click on Change Desktop Icons (in the left window pane)
4.  Place a check mark for the icons you want on your Desktop
5.  Click OK
Note- You can also customize Desktop icons by selecting it and then choosing Change Icon 


2 Responses to Desktop Icons

  1. Rollie says:

    Brill blog Jim, I have a question, how do I get the default settings back on Vista, my daughter was on my comp and pressed something that made “everything bigger” if that makes sense and not being a man lol I dont know how to get things back to normal.



    • jimnaz says:

      Rollie- You inspired my next post called Display Settings. Hope that helps. If not, give this post more detail. By the way I love your blog’s header graphic.

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