Display Size

November 9, 2009

The display size on Windows Vista can be adjusted to fit user preference.  Some prefer small icons and text and some of us like larger sizes.  To change the display size find an empty space on the desktop and right-click.  Then click Personalize / Display Settings.  You can adjust the settings and click Apply to test them. 

Vista display size settingsSome monitors are wide and will look strange with some settings.  When you are done click OK.  Caution:  write down your current settings (pixels) before changing so you can always go back to where you were.  You can also click Cancel.

Note:  Display settings can also be found in the Control Panel.  Vista’s Help and Support button also has information under “Change screen resolution”.


Desktop Icons

June 20, 2009

I like having an icon on my desktop for “Computer”.  If your current Desktop is missing the Computer icon it’s an easy fix.

Windows tip: 
1.  In Vista right click on your Desktop.
2.  Click on Personalize
3.  Click on Change Desktop Icons (in the left window pane)
4.  Place a check mark for the icons you want on your Desktop
5.  Click OK
Note- You can also customize Desktop icons by selecting it and then choosing Change Icon 

Browser Zoom

May 26, 2009

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my eyes really need a relief on web pages with tiny text.  There is a way to zoom in and make everything more readable.  On Internet Explorer 8 click on  Page  (upper right) and scroll down to  Zoom.  You can choose the zoom you want.  Also notice the keyboard shortcuts.

Windows tip:
CTRL+  =  zoom in
CTRL-  =  zoom out
CTRL0  =  Return to normal  (that’s a zero)

There’s even an easier way with most mice.  Hold  CTRL  and scroll the center roller wheel in or out.  Cool huh?

Blog at WordPress

May 24, 2009

New to blogging?  Don’t know where to start?  I’ve found that  WordPress.com is the most valuable place to start a blog.  It’s free and you will have a blog on the Internet within minutes.  Using WordPress to create your blog could not be easier.  Go to the site, read about it, try it.  It really is free.


May 23, 2009

If you are having trouble connecting to your local network or the Internet, use the Windows command  ipconfig  to check the details.  Even if your network is working fine, it’s an interesting place to visit. 

See my previous post on command prompts  to use the  ipconfig  command.  You can find your network name / DNS, your IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.  You can find even more interesting details by typing  ipconfig /all

Remember to type exit  <Enter> to close the command prompt window.

Chrome Update

May 22, 2009

If you are using the Google Chrome  browser, you may want to check if you are using the latest version.  To update manually or to see if it’s already updated, open Chrome then click on the Tool button (upper right) and click About Google Chrome.  (post updated 11-09-09)

Start Menu

May 20, 2009

Logo KeyHave you ever opened a program that covers the entire screen?  You can no longer see your Start Menu?  There is a keyboard button that will bring up the Start Menu.  It’s located at the bottom left of your keyboard,  often called the Windows Logo button.  Press it and you’ll have your Start Menu.  Another way is CTRL+ESC.