Keyboard Shortcuts

May 20, 2009

While I usually use my mouse for most everything, there are a few occasions to use the keyboard shortcuts instead.  This is especially helpful on a laptop when my external mouse is not connected.  Here  is a list from Microsoft on keyboard shortcuts.


How Many Windows?

May 18, 2009

If you are like me, almost all of my computers have come with Microsoft Windows.  Do you know how many Windows there have been?  Years ago I converted from Microsoft MS-DOS to Windows/286.  Windows/286 was a far cry from what we have today, but it was a start at desktop computing without having to type complicated or repetitive text commands.

Windows 7 is the new upcoming version, rumored to be released this Fall.  I now use Windows XP, Windows Vista, and keep another old computer with Windows 98 SE  for old programs and defragging floppy disks.  Look here for a history of Windows.

(Update:  Windows 7 was released in Nov ’09)

Linux Website

May 17, 2009

After some  thought I’ve decided to separate Windows from Linux on this website.  I’ll link each site so that those using Windows but interested in Linux can view updates.  The other site is Jim Linux Tips.

Quick Task Manager in Vista

May 15, 2009

There are several ways to open Task Manager in Windows Vista.  One quick way is to right click on the bottom taskbar and click Task Manager

Computer Restore Disks

May 14, 2009

Help, where’s my disks?  I’ve helped many friends and family members fix computer problems.  Sometimes the “best” or only way to fix it is to re-install everything.  The most time consuming thing is finding and backing up all their photos, music, and documents.  But, usually the biggest hurdle is locating their original software CD’s.  Depending on the brand of computer, we need the “restore” disks, install disks, program disks, or in some cases the Windows CD.

With many programs, including Windows, there is a special code that is needed to use the install disks.  Don’t EVER toss away these codes!  Whenever you buy a new computer keep all the disks, manuals, codes, and your receipts in one place.  I prefer a small clear plastic “shoebox”.  This is usually a perfect fit for CD’s and small manuals.  Of course put the shoebox in a place you can easily find.  Also don’t forget to label it (“Tom’s computer” or “Kid’s computer”).  Keep separate boxes (even different colors) for different computers.

Store Passwords

May 13, 2009

Do you ever get tired of trying to keep track of all your web site passwords?  Of course, this is assuming you practice good security by not using the same password for everything.  I’ve been using a great free program for Windows called KeePass.

Command Line Display Files

May 12, 2009

In Windows you can view files from a command prompt.

Windows tip:  From the command prompt type  dir <Enter>   (more info on commands  found here)

p.s.  Type  exit  and press <Enter> to close the command prompt window.